How to Take a Good Photo for Your Home Exchange Listing

Take and upload horizontal images. Use highest resolution possible and upload as a JPEG file.

Show natural light if possible with daylight behind you. Open curtains and let the sunlight in! Just make sure that you're always taking pictures with the light behind you to avoid glare. Best not to use flash. You can always turn on a lamp or two for a point of brightness and extra illumination.

Minimize Furniture
Tidy up clutter and no people in photos is best. Move the furniture around for pictures if need be.

Avoid corners; try to fit the entire room, or as much of it as you can fit in one shot. You can stand in door ways  or open a window and snap photograph from outside. Experiment with angles; down lower on your knees or on a ladder for a more dramatic shot. You can also focus a couple photos on interesting details like a fireplace mantle.

Put flowers in your vases. Move paintings around on the wall. Experiment by filling your space with the things you like in a way that seems effortless and natural. Remove trash cans. Avoid shooting into mirrors because your image will reflect.

Show Off Your Garden and Yard
Consider taking a photo of the front or back yards; the landscaping, front of the house or where kids can play. Early morning or evening light are good as the light is not so bright and will not wash out the photo.

Take a lot of photos. You never know which ones will look great on the computer screen. You can also use Photoshop to adjust color, contrast or brightness. If image is a little bit crooked, rotate the image. You can also crop information in a photo that isn't adding to its quality.

Thumb Nail Photos
Waldorf Home Exchange members can upload four JPEG images to their listing. The thumb nail images may be cropped a bit due to formatting purposes, but once clicked on to enlarge, they will be the size you uploaded.UPload horizontal images.